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Feetmat Women's Walking Shoes

Feetmat Women's Walking Shoes

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  • Classic Lightweight Mesh Shoes:Delicate Breathable and durable air mesh upper allow the foot to breathe.
  • Fashion Stylish Design:Great for casual wear, they looked adorable to do everything.
  • Non-Slip Waterproof Outsole: Soft and comfortable outsole provide the excellent bounce-back and durability.
  • Soft and Sweat Absorbing Insoles: Classic insole with cushion for comfort and breathable lining, added support.
  • Perfect For Sports: Waking,running,hiking; tennis, baseball,basketball.


Cushioning absorbs the impact force in motion, for an amazing step-in feel and protect for knees and feet.

stretch breathable mesh upper expand with your foot when you run and they more comfortable closely fit to help you reduce irritation.

EVA outsole is lightweight and elastic, adapting to the ground for stability and working strategically to optimize the unique properties of every touch and push.

arch support insole gives the midfoot the best support when you move.special desigin of the outsole hugs your foot properly, light and comfortable.

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Renewable Materials

Minimizes Odor

Flexibly Conforms To Your Movements


1. Remove the laces and insoles.

2. Place shoes in a delicates bag (pro tip: a pillowcase works too).

3. Choose a gentle cycle with cold water & mild detergent.

4. Shake out any excess water & set aside to air dry.

5. Shoes will regain their original shape with one or two wears.

Handy tips: Don‘t put them in the dryer. They’ll go back to their original shape in no time. You can hand wash your laces and insoles on their own

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It’s soft and itch-free on the inside, water repellent and extra durable on the outside, and ethically sourced to ZQ Merino’s high standards.

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