Why a running shoe with less than $30 to be loved by so many people?

Why a running shoe with less than $30 to be loved by so many people?
Feetmat has grown from a small, sports-specific shoes line to a worldwide brand. Feetmat manufactures kinds of shoes to suit your need: Feetmat products feature technologically advanced designs and materials to improve the comfort and performance of shoes. We pay much attention on premium quality and service, we focus on the Health and Excellence.                           
Founder is a sports enthusiast, but since like exercise, in addition to love to wear a pair of AJ to play basketball, can't find the right shoes, general situation, the price of professional sports shoes NIKE AIR JORDAN and unacceptable to most people, this time kimzone founded in 2009 (namely feetmat), looking for professional to lightweight running shoes, in all respects meet the requirements of the situation, the price can make almost all the people to accept 
The strength of the team is the best driving force, and we are committed to the quality of the product itself and the pursuit of customer experience. Therefore, both amazon and aliexpress are well received. 
We are still trying to find more lightweight materials, and we hope users will be able to wear a more comfortable feetmat. 
Thanks, Dear Customers  

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